I am Katja Maria

I am Katja Maria

For many years I have known that there was a deeper meaning to my name. It turned out to be two.

One is connected to the name Katja. You see, I came to earth sent by God to teach His Love. And that’s what I did from the moment I could talk. I taught my family, and especially my parents who was going through divorce. But they did not listen. My frustration about not being able to fulfill my mission lead me into rage against my parents and God at the age of 4-5. My parents because they didn’t listen, and God for not supporting me.

I decided I would rather die than being in a situation where I could not do what I was sent to do. I decided to stop breathing so I would die. I didn’t die, but I developed a severe asthmatic allergy towards cats. At that time we had a cat in the family.

I didn’t die – but then again, something important in me died – for a long time.

Many years have passed, and I have worked my way back to life and to Love.

I believe, that when I fully understand Who and What I am; I will be able to say yes to the cat again. I will let go of my allergy and completely welcome Life again. In danish Katja means “Yes to cat”.

The other meaning is connected to my middle name Maria (Mary in english).

I was brought up in a catholic family, and my mother always told me that I was named after the Virgin Mary (which in danish is Maria).But it’s much more that that. For this last year I have been taught by Mary Magdalene, who has given me many great insights. I have also had visions about my life with her. She has confirmed to me that Mary (or Maria in danish) isn’t a name, it’s a title. It is what healers and therapists educated and trained the same way Mary Magdalene and/or the Virgin Mary is called. It’s a title I now carry with pride, and am totally dedicated to do the work I am asked to do

I am Katja Maria. A therapist. A healer.

I am





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